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6 thoughts on “Newsletters

  1. Will you be having a regular meeting this Sunday March 3rd? Please advise of time and location. I am not a member, but I am interested in growing orchids. Right now I have what could be called some “sad looking” specimens I can hopefully be resurrected.


    • Yes..We will be having a normal meeting this Sunday the 3rd, but there is no special guest. It will primarily be a buisness meeting. I encourage you to join us at the show and for our next normal meeting on April 7th.

      See you then.

  2. I live in the Matthews-Charlotte area and am not able to attend
    meetings on Sundays. I am a beginner with respect to growing
    orchids and would like to learn more. Is there another way
    I can do so other than Sundays?

    • Hi Helen…

      That is a bit of a bummer as Sundays are our usual meeting times. I would suggest making a trip to either of the two commercial growers that support our society. They are Woodland Orchids in Charlotte and Carolina Orchids in Fort Mill. Both are linked on the homepage. They are both open (happily) by appointment most days of the week. Either would be eager to chat with you and get you pointed in the right direction.

      Good luck.

  3. Hi, I have some orchids that have been saved and nursed back to health from Lowe’s home improvement. I need some advice please. Could someone please call me? 336-693-5592 and I’m interested in becoming a member.

    • Hi Corey…

      I would just stop by one of our meetings. The next one is June 2nd at 1 PM at the UNCC greenhouse. We will be happy to give you advise and hopefully inspire you to be a better grower too.


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