Oct 2012

October 7th, 2012              NCPOS Meeting Notes

President Linda Wilhelm welcomed new members.  Our annual Orchid Show will be at UNC Charlotte, Robinson Hall on 7-8 Mar 2013. The theme is “Orchids: Paradise Found”.  Show will be on tables.  Linda Wilhelm and Virginia Rappold will co-chair the event.  Everyone requested to be involved.  List for sign up available to make the show a success.

Greensboro Orchid Show is scheduled from 12-14 October; set up is on the 11th with take down on the 14th.  The IPA will be held in Hickory Nov 3rd.  Speakers scheduled on Sat only.  Registration can be done online or at door.

AOS News- AOS magazine going digital.  Members will be able to get both magazine and web version.

2013 slate of NCPOS officers:

President- Virginia Rappold, Vice President- Linda Wilhelm, Secretary- Mary Alice Lesica-Woodburn, Treasurer- Dr Bill Jolly, Orchid Digest Representative-Catherine Mize

By Laws are available in October’s Newsletter and paper copies are available

Vote to enact the bylaws at November’s meeting.  The Policies and Procedures are being addressed.

November Meeting.  Members asked to bring orchids for the show table.  Plants will be judged by AOS standards.

Speaker:  Roy Tokunaga from H&R Nursery, Waimanalo, Hawaii.   Roy spoke on Dendrobiums (Tree of Life) orchids.  The focus of the discussion was on the nutrition.  Roy has been studying plant nutrition for 20 years.  His success in Hawaii is due to the rain water.  Water should have a ph of 5 or 6.  For fertilization he strongly recommends Michigan State-no phosphorous fertilizer.  Reducing the phosphorous increase blooms.  He also recommended increasing Calcium. Scotts-cal-mag special (15-5-15) 5%CALCIUM 2%MAGNESIUM.  Using 1TSP/GALLON- before spikes appear and continue until bulb opens.  Done weekly in summer and 1/4TSP in winter.   Air movement is also important factor.  He had orchids available for purchase.

Show table judging by Harry Gallis:

1st place: Ascocenda Crown Fox Butterball-Bill Jolly

2nd place: Paph Maudiae ‘The Queen’ AM/RHS-Dennis Baker

3rd place: DTPS. I-Hsin Beauty – Ryan Gabriel

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Alice Lesica-Woodburn


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