November Meeting

Please join us for our next meeting on Sunday November 2nd. Our own Jeremy Losaw will bedebuting a talk about Vanilla orchids and the Vanilla making process. Lunch starts at noon. And meeting starts at 1PM. Jeremy will not have plants for sale, but he will be taking pre-orders for Vanilla extract or other items from Baldwin’s Extracts where he used to help make vanilla. Details are below.

Since the speaker is not selling plants, the farmer’s market will be in effect. Bring anything orchid, plant or unrelated for sale on the sales table. Please donate 10% or more of your sales to the society at the end of the meeting.

Our speaker this month is NCPOS member Jeremy Losaw. He has been an orchid grower for about 8 years, and a member of the NCPOS since 2008. His talk is entitled “Vanilla orchids: The plant and the food”. The lecture gives an overview of Vanilla orchids, how they grow and are pollinated, description of select species and how Vanilla is processed from the field to the bottle.