Welcome to the NCPOS. We are group of orchid enthusiasts in the Charlotte and surrounding regions. The group consists of mainly hobby growers with a few commercial growers to support us.

We usually meet on the first Sunday of the month at 1PM at the UNCC McMillan Greenhouse, but consult the home page or the facebook page to confirm times and dates.

Our monthly meetings usually consist of a lecture by a reputable orchid grower followed by a presentation of the show table which is populated by the blooming plants brought by members to share.

No matter what your growing situation, if you have an interest in orchids join us for a meeting and we can help you to understand them and grow them better.

Directions to the McMillan Greenhouse

GPS & Online Mapping Users: Use “9090 Craver Rd.” for GPS or other mapping applications to locate the greenhouse. Using our mailing address will take you to the main entrance of the campus, but not to the greenhouse, specifically.

What follows are what we consider the simplest directions for visitors unfamiliar with the campus or University area. (Scroll down past parking information for links to alternate directions & maps).

via I-85: Off I-85, take exit 46 east, Mallard Creek Church Rd. (Off 85 South that’s a left, off 85 North that’s a right). At the third stoplight (about 1.5 mi) turn RIGHT on to Bonnie Cone/Mary Alexander Rd. You will enter campus, and at the four-way stop, continue straight. The next road to the RIGHT (only) is Michael Craver Rd. Turn right onto Craver & take a quick right into the parking area.

via I-485: Take exit 32 (Hwy. 29) off I-485. Head west on hwy. 29, Tryon St. (off I-485 North, that’s a left, off I-485 South, its a right.) The next main intersection past 485 is at Mallard Creek Church Rd. Take a LEFT onto Mallard Creek Church Rd. At the next stoplight, turn RIGHT onto Bonnie Cone/Mary Alexander Rd. You will enter campus, and at the four-way stop, continue straight. The next road to the RIGHT (only) is Michael Craver Rd. Turn right onto Craver & take a quick right into the parking area.

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  1. I am a former member of NCPOS, however I no longeram able to drive.
    I understand that CATS has a bus line (11U)which operates between Charlotte Uptown and UNCC. It operatrs on Sundays.

    Can yopou tell me which campus bus stop is nearest the Greenhouse?

    I would like to become active again.


    Robert Steppe

    • Hi Robert…

      It looks like the 11 stops at Harris and Tryon on Sundays at the corner of campus. That is a bit of a walk to the greenhouse where the meetings are. I will send you a private message with a map and my phone number. I can get someone to come pick you up on meeting days and drive you from the bus stop to the greenhouse if you like.


  2. I am an interested orchid grower looking to find out more information. When/where is the meeting in Jan. 2013?

    Thanks for the information.


    • Hi Brian…

      I hope you found us. If you did not, the next meeting is on Sunday Feb 3rd at the UNCC McMillan Greenhouse. Lunch and social hour is at noon and the meeting starts at 1. Keep an eye on our facebook page and newsletter for more info.


    • Hi Greg.

      We do have a show. This year it is in Robinson Hall at UNC Charlotte. The show runs from March 8-10. Check out our Facebook page or our newsletter for more info.

  3. I would like to send an orchid to a friend who just lost her husband. Can you tell me where I could arrange this. I do not live in Charlotte.

    Thank you. Margaret Gieser

    • Hi Margaret.

      Sorry to hear about your friend. You can contact one of our two member commercial orchid growers. They are both local to the Charlotte area and can help you out. One is Woodland Orchids and the other is Carolina Orchids. Click on the links on our home page to find them. Calling them is the best way to get hold of them as neither do a ton of online stuff. They both have great orchdss that your friend will love.

      Good luck.

  4. I have a large Orchid (or other plant) case that I don’t use any longer since I do not grow but a few orchids. It is approximately 6′ tall, 20″ deep and about 32″ wide. It is a metal frame with glass panels. I have added wire shelf and light and used a small humidifier and a small fan to keep humidity up and air flowing. It is in my attic and all glass is there. The only issue with it is the base pan that has corroded over time and needs to be relined or remade. The structure is in great shape. It is a rust color and has double doors on the front upper section. It breaks down into 3 parts for moving. I am interested in getting rid of this and would ask only $25 as is where is. If there is an interest, please email to cmljr@ix.netcom.com.

  5. I am an avid Orchid lover and my fiance and I will be doing our engagement pictures Saturday March 9th. We were wanting to come to the show and get pictures with the Orchids at Robinson Hall. What will the setup be like? Will there be many Orchids? We were hoping for a garden type setting but really just wanting to get pictures with Orchids in them. What do you suggest we do? I am familiar with UNCC as I am a graduate student there.


    • Hi Kelly…

      The show is a great opportunity to see some awesome orchids. The show will be set with most of the plants being aranged decoratively on table tops. There will be nearly 20 exhibitors in the main hall of the show, and you can take pictures there. However, if you want something closer to a jungle theme, I would suggest going into the UNCC McMillan greenhouse which will be open during the show. They have a ton of orchids in there and they just installed a new orchid exhibit that has orchids mounted on tree trunks like they would be in nature.


      Congrats on the engagement and hope to see you there.

  6. could you please provide a web site or reference for basic info & steps to grow cymbidium orchids in Graham, N. C. area many thanks

  7. I was interested in finding out about your organization. I understand that you have a speaker from Ft Lauderdale scheduled for the June meeting, Mac Rivenbark. We are unable to accommodate him to speak at our orchid club due to previous commitments. But I was thinking about visiting your club to hear his presentation. Please give me some information on who to contact regarding your meetings since I could not find such in your newsletters. We are always looking for good speakers.

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