March Meeting

Please join us for our next meeting on Saturday March 14.  Dr. Harry Gallis will be doing a talk about different types of Dendrobiums and their culture. Lunch at noon and meeting at 1PM.

Harry will not be selling plants so the farmer’s market is open. Bring anything orchid related or not to sell and donate 10% of your sales back to the society as a fundraiser.

Note that the meeting day and location have changed. Unless specified otherwise, the meetings will now be held at the horticulture building near the back of the CPCC Cato campus. The building has greenhouses attached. We have been offered this space for free, so it was a no-brainer to move to our new location.

We have also moved the meetings to the second Saturday of the month. The primary reason was to better align our schedule with that of neighboring societies so that we can share costs of national speakers to keep costs down. The other reason was to move away from Sunday and the faith commitments that many current and former members have. Directions to the location are shown here.

The society would like to thank the UNCC greenhouse for hosting us for the last bunch of years. It was a great location and we always felt welcome. We hope to have the support of the staff as we move forward, and hopefully our members will continue to visit the UNCC greenhouse and support their plant sales and events.